October 1, 2012

Wingfest NYC - Wings, Beer, Whiskey

Wingfest NYC was held this past Saturday at a loft space in Chelsea.  For your $55 ticket, you got three hours of all you could eat wings, and almost all you could drink whiskey and beer (they started to run out at the end).  Check out the rest of the debauchery after the jump.

Your ticket also bought you a voice in the competition.  Each entry was granted a poker chip to drop into the bucket of the vendor they enjoyed the most.  I happened to really like the wings from BBQ Smoke Shack with their habanero sauce on the side.  I must have impeccable taste...because they won, dethroning the two-time defending champions from Duke's.

The winners claim their trophy
The bulk of our time was spent picking apart as many chicken wings as possible, guzzling Wild Turkey whiskey drinks, and ferociously licking our fingers.  It was a culinary comedy.  I was worried about mixing that much buffalo sauce with my camera, but a few wet-naps helped preserve everything.  Enjoy the rest of the pictures. 

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